Wednesday, August 17, 2011

returning the note....

first off, you should all know what my brother did to make Allison so reveng-ee. 
(yes, JesusChick, tiz quite an "uh-oh" moment....)
ya see, a while ago, allison and i were instant messaging, and, well, my 11 year old brother started to be a creep. he was flirting with her, (he was only joking, but it was still super creepy....)  and now he's going to the same school as me and allison. My brother decided he's "over" allison, because she may mess him up with the girls in his class.
so...there ya have it.....
          dear allisonononon,
                     getting back at should be easy enough....but i dont think we should do it at school. we could embarrass him, and no one would want that. plus, he'd totally get back at us. (and he knows to much about me. which could get let out....)

pass the note ;)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Please pass the note ;)

Hannah, please inform your little brother i am planning revenge for what he did. lol!

Hannah, hannah, hannah

Oh yea! That is a quite funny story ;) But before i do.... I am currently watching icarly, and GIBBY IS GONE! the person who "is" him is not him! Just thought i would say that....
 So the story goes like this. One day Hanah and i went to drop my little brother off at a birthday party, and across the street was an ice cream shop! So of course we got ice cream :D It was quite good.....
So! Continuing on with the story, So when we were in line we saw some of those wackey-tase jelly beans! We thought about it for a while, and after alot of thinking we bought them! We then drove to my house and sat on my floor to play the game! We were already prepared for the gross ones, with paper bags to spit them out into haha. So we played, and it was hannah that went first. She got the red one which would either be centipede (ew.) or strawberry! And of course she got the horrible centipede. I tried the next few, and kept getting the awsome ones! Hannah, on the other hand, got all the bad ones. Such as skunk, centipede, baby wipes, toothpaste, booger, vomit, and such. On the last one before hannah had to leave, i chose the black one, which i knew i wouldnt like either because i dont like licorise ( i dont think i spelled that right :P), and the gross flavor was skunk! >.< ew! So i put it in my mouth, and i hadent yet gotten a gross one. I chewed it, and said "this is ok", Then i SCREAMED! I ran to the bathroom screaming still and got mouthwash, and i think i used half the bottle. It. was. horrible. I am never playing that game again! lol!

allison, allison, allison.

why's allison so freckled amazing at stuff like this? (and everything else for that matter...) lol :)    well, ally-sonononon, for yo in-fo-mashion, i have plenty of funny stories about you. in particular, having one to do with "eating a SKUNK" hm? ring a bell?
tell it girl. you know you want to....
as for the answering the questions part...(and i like how you googled 'em. i like your style ;)  i LOVE wearing socks. there so cool!
yes im a nerd. deal with it.
but truth is, i like to walk barefoot in summer. like....everywhere. (tiz quite fun, really :)
as for your second question, i dont technically own a car, so....yea.
(but this one look pretty snazzy ;)


and for the last question, last night. i do gymnastics so....yea. lots O' runnin'....

but anyways, this post is basically over. i know allison'll come up with somethin' snazzy to say, so i'll be off :)

(oh. but just so you know, JesusChick....i love british accents. LOVE them. anthing england-ized. trust me. ask allison.)
ta-ta ;)

Oooh la la!! 5 followers!

 Its Allisooooon! and guess what!,its only our second (or third, i forget ;) ) and we already have FIVE followers! You guys are amazing! Dont forget to tell your friends! Now down to business, JesusChick, (a reply to your comment), Your welcome! Im glad you enjoyed the video! Its one of my favorites! And also as an answer to your questions! 1, No I am not wearing socks, i believe summer is too hot for socks! haha 2, It depends. I like to wash my car! But sometimes its not a nice day out (cloudy, humid, cold, ect.) so on those days if i feel the need to wash our car we go to a car wash. 3, The last time i ran was friday.

      Hannah hasent helped me with an embarrasing story yet, so i have to keep stalling! So today i will do alot of random things! Would you like that? ;) So today i will give you another video! I think i will make it a daily thing too, might be fun! So todays Video Of The Day! isssssss
   Well, i couldnt decide between these two, so its a tie! Double the fun!
They are quite funny :) they make me laugh haha. Hope you like them!

Monday, August 15, 2011


whats cookin' good lookin'? ;)
hey! hannah here! once again. :)
so i was reading comments on the post, and to answer your question alaw, its pretty simple. on your profile, where your suppose to put your name, (like yours is alaw)  you need to put "____and____"  allison and i created a whole new account together and put the "name" as Allison and Hannah (or whatever it is) 
see? that wasnt too bad :)
if your thinking about making a blog with a friend, you should totally comment about it! Allison and i would love to follow :)
as for the rest of this post, ima start a tradition thing that allison has no idea about, so i strongly desire with a passion that she wont mind ;)
its basically this question thing. every once in a while, allison or i will tell you to ask as many questions as you'd like through comments :)  about us, what we think, random stupidity...anything! i for one love questions, and answering thems way fun :)  but, we'll also give you three questions to answer as well :) ya are ya little rascals ;)
numero uno.....whats your favorite color?
#2....whats your favorite accent to speak in? (i LOVE this question!!)
and, finally.....what should we call this little quiz section? i like fancilicious names ;)
so yea.....uhh.....go?
until next time, young grasshopers ;)
but, until then.......
i wish i were here.....

eating this......

yes i wish i were on top of the eiffel tower eating xtra chedder goldfish.......
but thats just me ;)


Hey guys! This is Allison! How are you all liking our blog? There are way more posts to come, and i hope you tell all your friends to come and follow us! Now, down to business. (Lights Dim) Since Hannah told an embarassing story about herself, I must tell one about me. Now what one to choose, there are SO many. hmmm. Hannah! I dont know what one to post! Please help me here!

To keep you busy until hannah helps me, here is a video and some pictures!

Have you ever faked a british accent? Do you ever wonder if since we fake their accent, if they ever fake ours? Well this video made me laugh SO hard, and answered that question for me! haha!

Seriously! Watch the video! You will laugh so hard!

And here is a picture of my favorite animal!

I wonder what that baby penguin is doing? Throwing a fit because it cant be with me? Yup, probably so.